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Djarum Super MLD Kretek is the most popular type of cigarette in Indonesia. Blessed with rich soils and abundant rainfall, Indonesia produces some of the best tobacco and cloves in the world. It is no wonder that Indonesian kretek is renowned for its taste and flavor.
Djarum Super Mild is a new generation of quality and premium mild clove cigarettes for urban smokers who value fine, modern, and manly looks.

Djarum Super mld

SKU: 10022

  • Djarum Super MLD is a blend of Superfine Clove™ and tobacco, with a fruity aromatic flavor. Evoking a sense of pride.

    ** Price for 10 packs
    ** 1 packs contains 20 cigarettes.

    Tar Volume 15 mg Nicotine Volume 1 mg.

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